Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bag The MiG [1]

I've decided to tackle the long overdue 1/600th scale Korean Air War project for February. 

This was a project that I originally set out to do in 2010 (!) so it's about time I actually got it sorted. The idea is to paint up enough 1/600th scale aircraft to do a series of Bag the MiG scenarios at the club and also a MiG Alley game or two, using the club hexon terrain for the latter.

The first phase will be the USAF fighters and fighter bombers, with 12 F86E Sabres, 12 F84 Thunderjets and 12 F80 Shooting Stars. These shouldn't take too long to paint up but I'm dreading the decals, which will have to be simplified to make them manageable. 

It's far too cold in the garage for painting tonight but I'll start on them tomorrow from the relative warmth of the kitchen (I really should annex a corner of the house to set up as my painting area, if only to avoid third degree frostbite and hypothermia).

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