Tuesday, 13 January 2015

X-Wing Game Plan

It's mock exam marking time again, so the evenings are filled and the wargaming horizon is looking pretty bleak for at least a couple of weeks. However, I have lined up some potential games of X-Wing at the club for the end of the month, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm also planning to squeeze a couple of games in at the weekend against the sprog, as by his own admission, he is 'rebel scum'.

Anyway, It's my birthday at the weekend, so I thought I'd use a £25 Amazon gift token that I got at Xmas to add to the X-Wing collection. It made sense to get a second starter boxed set, as it provides another copy of the rules and counters for the sprogs to use, along with an X-Wing and a couple of TIE fighters, for less than the cost of the models alone.

This puts the rebellion at a bit of a disadvantage, with three X-Wings and a Y-Wing up against four TIE fighters, two TIE interceptors and a Lambda class Imperial shuttle. I'm hoping that I'll get some extra rebel kit for my birthday, if only to even the odds and keep the sprog happy. If not, I'm sure I can use the force to locate some more rebel fighters or even a Millenium Falcon!


  1. Let the 'Rebel Scum' sweat and recruit 'Slave 1'. ;)

  2. I think Wayland Games is a good bet to find the Falcon, they have had a restock recently but not showing on site yet. Everywhere is out, I've hunted high and low. Two starter sets are better than one!

  3. Happy Birthday! The starter sets are great value, but you do miss out on some of the pilot cards in the individual packs. Still the best way to bulk up a collection though :-)