Sunday, 11 January 2015

Fighting High

We went to our local Hobbycraft and Haskins yesterday to get some birthday presents for a party my daughter was invited to and to check out the sales. I picked up some spray paints, a new Xacto craft knife and a couple of A1 sheets of foamcore that were reduced in price. They are now stockpiled ready for the Lion Rampant terrain scratchbuilding project that I'm planning to start next month.

In the garden centre there's a small selection of discounted books on display, so I usually have a browse while the wife looks at pots, plants and other gardening stuff. I spotted this book on sale for £5.99 and thought it looked really good, so I now have another source for my Bag the Hun scenario projects, including some excellent material based on original combat reports and pilot diaries. It's also very well illustrated.

I just have to track down Volume 1 now!

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