Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Air War C21 Alto Cenepa [1]

This is a sizeable chunk of the frontline aviation complement for the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) in the 1995 Alto Cenepa conflict, also known as the Condor War. I could add some more Su-22's and Cessna A-37 Dragonflies, together with one or two Mirage 2000's and Mirage V's but I think this would be a bit too much. I haven't included any helicopters (yet) but may well do so later on. 

I've undercoated everything in Humbrol matt white as most of the FAP aircraft were painted in a slightly inconvenient desert camouflage scheme, very similar to the RAF North Africa pattern that I replicated on my 1/285th scale Hurricanes and Blenheims. I think that a wash and highlight approach will work well over a white basecoat, rather than a heavy duty basecoat of a darker shade. 

I have some time at the weekend to try this out. In the meantime, the I'll have a go at basing up the opposition, in the form of an interesting selection of aircraft for the Ecaudorian Air Force or FAE. This includes Sepecat Jaguar Internationals, Mirage F1's, IAI Kfir's, BAE Strikemasters (cool!) and the ubiquitous Cessna A-37's. I may even slip in a Hercules?

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