Sunday, 15 March 2015

Where has all the gaming gone?

You may have been wondering why I haven't posted any game reports for a while, although I doubt it's been discussed by the Security Council of the UN. Anyway, here's the answer to the absence of any wargaming activity up at the club, at least on my part, in the shape of my one in the middle, who is seen here sporting a soon to be technicolour black eye.

He's just been selected for the Lexus National Under 9 Rugby Finals, which will kick off next weekend in sunny Northampton. This has been in part due to the regular Tuesday night training sessions that I've been transporting him to, along with the regular Sunday matches and tournaments which I share with the other half.

As Tuesday night is club night, you can see how I have been tied down for the last few months, but I'm really pleased he has won through to represent Winchester at such a high level. The season winds up in a few weeks, so I'll be back at the club after Easter and hope to make up for lost time when I get there. In the meantime, I'm sure that the WRFC team will win and hope that there are no more black eyes or broken noses on the day!


  1. That's the sort of stuff to make you very proud :)
    I am in two minds about the prospect of my children developing any sort of talent. Luckily, no sign of it so far... fingers crossed!?

  2. Well done, good luck to him! If you make it out of childhood without a black eye or a broken bone, then you haven't made the most of it :-)

  3. Well done to the chap! I've been having similar issues as my son takes his rowing more seriously. I seem to spend all my spare time in the car!