Thursday, 26 March 2015

Air War C21 Flashpoint Baltic [5]

The latest report from The Aviationist website on the Baltic Air Policing mission has the Russians deploying their formidable supersonic Tu22M Backfire nuclear attack bombers in mock attack runs on Denmark. What have the peace loving and very charming Danes done to deserve such attention?

The sub-text underlying all this ersatz Cold War posturing is the commitment of Danish forces to NATO defence of the Baltic States. All mouth and no trousers from Mr Putin but good material for a potential escalation to a full-on Flashpoint Baltic!

In other news, I've sent off to Dom's Decals for a selection of 1/600th scale modern decals with which to decorate the NATO contingent of the BAP.


  1. Earlier in the week I watched a very interesting documentary (HERE) about Russian soldiers killed whilst fighting in the Ukraine, something strenuously denied by the Russian government (obviously!). The treatment the journalists face is rather frighting and certainly reminded me of Soviet Russia, as does the article you've linked here!

  2. Unfortunately there are no Backfires available in 1:600 except some very pricey offerings on Shapeways. I've been looking for the purpose of some early 80's naval action. At Salute I am Going to have to look closely at the TD blinders instead.