Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spy or Die Trying

I decided that, with the Easter holidays on the immediate horizon, it was time to invest in a couple of new boardgames for the inevitable rainy days indoors. I'm not planning to take any figures to paint or base up this time round, so it will be a boardgame only break in Brittany, with plenty of opportunity to get learn some new games.

The first will be Spy or Die Trying, which won the vote over Hour of Glory after I foolishly asked the kids which one they would like to play the most. It may or may not arrive in time for the holiday trip but, if it does, we'll be giving it a playtest or two once I've wound down from a very hectic and incredibly stressful school term.

1 comment:

  1. Funnily enough we played this at the Guildford Club last week. It's a great game with lots of variations in how to win (or lose!). I think every game we've played has ended in a nail biting finish as the clock ticks down to zero.