Sunday, 8 March 2015

Air War C21 Flashpoint Baltic [3]

The Oddzial Osmy 1/600 scale modern aircraft were picked up from the parcels office yesterday and I found some time to unpack and sort them out. They are fantastic sculpts, cast in high quality metal and with some very fine surface detail. They are noticebly smaller and lighter than the equivalent Tumbling Dice models but no less robust when it comes to wargaming. 

They're also excellent value for money.

I now have the following elements of the NATO Baltic Air Policing mission:

8 x Eurofighter Typhoon - UK, Italy, Spain, Germany.

8 x Jas 39C Gripen - Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary

8 x F16AM - Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark

8 x Mirage 2000 - France

8 x MiG29 - Poland

8 x CF18 Hornet - Canada

8 x F15C - United States

The Russians are looking a little less well equipped at the moment but I have some plans for that:

8 x Su27 Flanker - Russian Federation

The overall idea will be to paint up a range of aircraft for some linked ultra-modern scenarios. There's plenty of opportunity to try out different types of aircraft, with a variety of loadouts and capabilities, so it should have lots of re-playability. I'll get started as soon as I have tackled the Air War C21 Alto Cenepa project, which is in the undercoating stage at the moment.


  1. Wow those look good, better than on the Fighting 15 website. I shouldn't be surprised because I have some Viggens (love that aircraft!) and they are lovely models too. Do I want to do some ultra modern air gaming though? Not sure about C21.

  2. They are lovely models but I found the metal mine were casting in very brittle and difficult to work with- how do yours seem?



  3. Mine are a very hard metal. If they require filing, it takes a bit of a sweat to get it done, unlike TD models. I hadn't noticed any brittleness though.

  4. Yes they are quite 'tinny' but seem to clean up OK. I haven't tried any filing yet but will grit my teeth when I do!