Monday, 29 June 2015

AK47 Extra Bits [3]

I finished the bases on the last of the units that I need for the AK47 game tomorrow this evening, although my plans to complete the objective markers fell through due to a lack of time. This means that my Superpower Backed army is now up and running, which is a bit of a result as I started it over two years ago! I'd really like to do a third army or even a fourth AK47 army but two will do for the moment, as they will allow me to run some games for the kids at home as well as at the club.


  1. Looking brilliant! Very nicely detailed, & those red berets really make the bases 'pop' visually.

  2. Looks very nice Jim, well done :-)

  3. Jim,

    Those look fantastic! Now quit messing around and get them on the table ;)

    I must admit, much to my shame, that you've egged me into doing something I shouldn't have: I place an order for some 15mm modern troops... Nothing big, I'm looking at doing singly-based skirmish gaming, not big, element-based gaming, but I ordered some stuff from Rebel Minis and Peter Pig (via their US-based distributor, Brookhurst Hobbies).

    I will get these on the table with my 5-year old boy, I can't wait for them to arrive.


  4. Great idea Jack!

    I have a plan to do something similar in 15mm for the Indonesian Confrontation and Malaysia, using PP figures and QRF vehicles. end in sight would work really well for this.