Friday, 19 June 2015

Jungle Terrain for Malaya

A big part of the 28mm Malaya / Burma project is the terrain, which I started on a few months ago with the construction of a jungle outpost using the then, newly released Sarissa Precision mdf kits. This means that I have a set of jungle buildings, a watchtower, a fuel dump and a bunker but, as yet, no actual jungle, apart from some plastic undergrowth that I've used for Saurian Safari.

I was wondering how to go about making some more effective jungle terrain when I spotted an Ebay shop selling 1/50 scale palm trees for model railways. These come in packs of fourteen trees and in a variety of sizes from 6'' down to around 4'' tall., each set costing around £3.50 with a 5% discount if your spend £20 or more.

An oil palm plantation in Malaysia

They're not really suitable for primary jungle, which would be difficult to move figures around in anyway, but for plantations or secondary jungle they are spot on. I'll base most of mine up in clusters on mdf bases, so that I can add additional ground level vegetation as in the photo above, with some individual trees to scatter around as well. I think they will look just the job!


  1. Oops..forgot that bit. No added on to the end of the post.

  2. Try this ebay link, they're a little pricey but you'll never need another tree again!