Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Galleys and Galleons [24]

I ran another playtest of Galleys and Galleons this evening which went down very well and resulted in two really enjoyable games. The first one was a repeat of the Pursuit scenario, this time with two Royal Navy sloops hunting down, sinking and boarding two pirate schooners. It was a good game and it was really interesting to see how the grappling and boarding rules worked. 

In the second game we set up the Treasure Islands scenario, with four players competing against each other to search three islands for a buried chest of pieces of eight.This was a quicker game as everyone now had a good handle on the rules mechanisms. In the end one of the pirates found the treasure and made a successful escape, evading the other pirate ships as they tried to catch up.

There were no real glitches with the rules and only a couple of minor queries cropped up, all of which were easily resolved by a careful re-reading of the text. I think everyone agreed that it was a lot of fun and that the system is really solid. I'll put on another game next month but, hopefully, with some painted ships to make the whole look a little less basic!

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  1. Great looking games. Glad the scenarios are working well.