Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Chain of Command Malaya British Platoon Transport

The extra metal BD figures arrived from Perry Miniatures a few days ago and they're very nice, especially the command group which has bags of character. I now have all I need to kit out the figures for the platoon, so have been looking at support options and especially vehicles. One of the options on the support list is a car, presumably a staff car for command use, so I set about trying to find a suitable cheap diecast for that very purpose.

I already have some diecast Days Gone By Fordson 7V lorries that I originally bought for VBCW, so will use them to transport the platoon about in. I now also have located a Days Gone By 1939 Chevrolet to use as the staff car. The Aussies used similar cars for this role and it would be entirely reasonable for one to have been brought with them to Singapore or to have been requisitioned from civvy street for military use, so it's pretty much spot on.

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