Monday, 1 June 2015

Normandy Firefight Project [3]

I sat down with the rulebook yesterday and read through all of the scenarios or 'missions' to winkle out exactly what I need to kit up for the Normandy Firefight project, so that all the scenarios can be run either way round. The 'shopping list' consists of the following figures, for both the Allies (US and/or British) and the Germans:

1 x NCO (Thompson / Sten / MP40)
4 x Riflemen
1 x LMG gunner (BAR / Bren / MG42)
1 x Anti-Tank (bazooka / PIAT / Panzerfaust)
1 x Medic

In addition, I need a sniper for all three patrols, as Mission 2: Sniper Hunt would be a bit pointless without one and I'd like to switch the scenario round to give the German player a challenge. A wounded recce officer for the US and/or British is also required, as one features as an objective in Mission 3: Clear and Secure

I have enough prone, kneeling and standing figures to cover this lot but only for the Germans and US at the moment, with the British requiring a couple more lying and kneeling kit parts. I'm hoping to do some conversions to cover the shortfall. I also don't have any sniper rifles for the British, which might complicate things a bit, although I can probably knock one up with a bit of imagination.

In terms of vehicles, I will need a knocked out tank of some sort for Mission 1: Lead Scouts, although it doesn't really matter if it's Allied or Axis. I have an incomplete Italeri kit of a Hetzer which I can build for this, minus a missing sprocket wheel. I also need tanks or assault guns for Mission 5: Tank Hunters, one for the Germans and one for the Allies. An Italeri M4A1 Sherman will do for the moment along with a Tamiya Stug III for the other side.

To round things off, I need a destroyed recce vehicle for all three sides, with the actual mission briefing being for a US jeep or similar. I have a Bren carrier for the British but will need to find something for the other two patrols to locate, possibly cutting some corners by using a motorcycle or similar for both the Germans and the Americans. I guess this could represent a dispatch rider with important documents that need to be retrieved.

This all adds up to quite a lot of stuff...and I haven't even thought about terrain yet!

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