Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Black Ops [3]

I've started basing up a first team for Black Ops, using figures from the Copplestone Future Wars hostage rescue squad pack with a Foundry Miniatures SWAT sniper as a 'heavy'. The bases are a bit different from my usual 25mm mdf circles, as the rules specify square bases in order to determine lines of sight. As a result, I'm using 25mm lasercut squares instead, although they'll need some sort of texturing in order to blend in the figure's bases.

I've also started to gather together some lasercut kits for a military / industrial compound, which features in the scenario options. These include a barracks hut, 'cooler' and square pillbox from the excellent Blotz WW2 range, which should be ideal. I've also bought a Sarissa Precision factory building, which is a kit I've wanted to find a use for for ages, having seen one in the collection of a fellow club gamer. I'm really looking forward to gluing all of these together and scratch building some more stuff too.

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  1. I like that factory. Look forward to seeing your progress with that.