Thursday, 23 June 2016

Crush The Kaiser

I was quite impressed with the Mexican Revolution offshoot of these WW1 rules, Achtung Gringo!, so when I found the main rulebook and a supplement bundled on eBay for a tenner, I thought I'd grab them to add to the library. They designed for individually based 15mm to 28mm figures at battalion to brigade level, with the company as the smallest unit, so perfect for 15mm or even 10mm. I'll have  a think about what I could do with them after I've had a read through of both the rulebook Where the Poppies Grow and the army list supplement.

This is an interesting set of rules and a fascinating and neglected period. Initial thoughts would be either 15mm individually based using Peter Pig figures, which could double up for Through the Mud and Blood, or 10mm using Pendraken figures on multiple bases. The latter has the advantage of looking at least a little bit like the real thing and would look really impressive on some custom made terrain. There are some positive reviews around if you google Crush the Kaiser, so why not take a closer look? I'm off to dig out my 10mm WW1 stuff....

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