Sunday, 19 June 2016

Black Ops [4]

I finished basing the eight figures for my first Black Ops team yesterday, using a combination of 25mm laser cut mdf bases and Miliput to blend in the metal tabs on the feet with the ground surface. The single slotta base figure, an EM4 commander with assault rifle and UGL, was first glued to a washer after the slotta tab was removed, so that he matched in height with the other figures. The idea will be to paint the bases in a fairly neutral urban shade to represent wasteland, gravel or similar. The team itself will be used as a G.I.G.N. or R.A.I.D. French police counter-terrorism unit or as a generic SWAT team. I reckon I've got about 100 points of good guys here, give or take, so more than enough for a standard or stealth scenario.

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