Thursday, 23 June 2016

Coat d'Arms Triads

I'm a big fan of the three stage painting approach and have made wide use of the Foundry range of paints in the past, although my painting output has been pretty minimal this year due to a lack of time and too much stuff to do. However, there are limitations of the three stage method, one of which is the limited options available unless you work out the combinations yourself and the other is the prohibitive cost, even though the Foundry pots last for ages and are really useful.

I was very pleased to discover that Coat d'Arms also has a range of what they call triads, consisting of three complementary shades to use as a basecoat, midcoat and highlight. I've always found these paints to be a bit wishy washy but thought I'd try out the basic military green set to see what it was like and to fill a gap in my existing collection of basic shades. If it looks good, I'll check out the rest of the triad range, which at £5.50 a set, is good value for money and much less expensive than the Foundry alternative.


  1. I've not actually used any of the triads (I'm more a basecoat, wash, highlight man myself) but I have been slowly replacing my expiring old GW paints with CDA versions. I've seen some complaning they don't cover as well as GW/Vallejo, but I'm not sure I'm a good enough painter to notice the difference!
    I am very much liking their washes too.

  2. I had forgot about these until I read this. It'll be good to read what your opinion about the triad once you use it.