Sunday, 6 November 2016

1812 - The Navy's War

I had the chance to visit the Oxfam second hand bookshop in town yesterday, having not been there for a browse for a few weeks. It's a great shop and always has something of interest, this time a hardback copy of 1812 - The Navy's War, which as the title suggests is a history of the war of 1812 from a naval engagement perspective. I already have a couple of books about this tucked away on the shelves but this is the definitive history so I'm very pleased to have it as well, especially as my six quid goes to an excellent cause.


  1. I've got a couple of books on this subject too, but not this one - great find Jim!

  2. I've always fancied having a go using the Langton 1/1200th scale ships...but way too fiddly!