Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Back of Beyond Bolshevik Bashing

The Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade took a bit of a bashing at the hands of the British Museum archaeological expedition this evening in the first game of the Back of Beyond club campaign. A combination of some dodgy tactics, concentrated fire power and some appalling dice rolling led to a decisive defeat for the Reds who conceded the game after Turn Four. This unfortunate reversal was down to a number of factors, most of which were entirely my fault.

The spanking new Schneider tank lived down to expectations by rumbling forward 2 inches then blowing up (I told you that would happen), the Nieuport fighter managed to get itself shot down in Turn Two and the elite Cheka platoon decided to launch a long range charge at a Vickers HMG team, with inevitable results. The rest of the Red infantry hid in the woods then got shot to bits from all directions by vehicle mounted machine guns.

In the end, Comrade Colonel Igor Tubugerov did just that, followed by what was left of his army, although I suspect he'll be on the next train to Siberia! It was a good game, however, and Andy deserved to win, so I enjoyed it a lot despite the outcome. In the other campaign game of the evening, the Japanese received a similar thrashing at the hands of the Chinese Warlord, so I'm not alone in being the underdog!


  1. A bruising encounter, but great to see the troops on the table.

  2. Jim ... I'm so sorry to read that your reds got thrashed ... really I am ... honest! Sorry, I can't type any more as I'm laughing too much!!! :)

  3. When I saw the photo at the top of the page showing the Nieuport going down in flames I suspected all was not well for Soviet ambitions in the Back of Beyond. ;)

    Nice to see the figures in action, and better luck next time.