Wednesday, 2 November 2016

More Back of Beyond Bolshevik Extra Bits

I've been rummaging in my spares box this evening in an attempt to squeeze some more units and some extra points out of the leftovers from my Back of Beyond Bolshevik army. The result is a rather hefty looking mortar from the Copplestone Future Wars range combined with a spare female Bolshevik heroine figure, which has been hand swapped to equip her with a mortar bomb.

I am trying to dig up another figure to go alongside her on the base, otherwise she'll have to do with an ammunition box and some sandbags to fill up the rest of the area around the mortar itself. I think I may well make it a Cheka crewed mortar, which comes in at a respectable thirty two points rather than the bog standard twenty.

I've also been playing around with a leftover Brigade Games Vickers tripod and half of a Maxim machine gun from the Copplestone WW1 Turkish range to create an AA machine gun mounting, but that's still got a way to go before I'm happy with it. Not bad for a few bits and bobs, especially as I can add another 40 to 50 points of ironmongery to the proletarian arsenal.


  1. It's amazing what can be scrounged up from a lead mountain.

  2. Yes indeed but I just need to find an extra something to put on the mortar base...I'll see what I can get at Warfare in a couple of weeks?