Sunday, 20 November 2016

Warfare Swag

I unpacked the swag bag from Warfare this evening, having been waylaid all day by work and needing a bit of a morale boost. This time I was looking for pygmies for my nascent Congo army but to no avail, although I did get some other useful things that I hadn't planned to buy. I've been quite restrained and have only added things to projects that I've already started, so no impulse buys for a change!

I picked up some interesting additions for my Old West gaming terrain set up including a whole herd of longhorns from Warbases, a chapel for my gun toting pastor from Products for Wargamers and some church furniture from Blotz. I also bought a shield generator laser cut kit from Blotz for X Wing which looked like it would also work for 15mm sci fi, when I eventually get round to it.

The other significant acquisition was some nifty 20mm Harley Davison motorcycle troops for the American Punitive expedition against Pancho Villa, together with a very cool Jeffery Quad armoured car, all from Shellhole Scenics. I really like this range even if it's not as sharp as some others. I'm hoping to get some more figures for this at Xmas, to use for semi-skirmish level scenarios, using Hey Gringo! or Contemptible Little Armies.

The last thing I found by accident but thought would be really useful. It's a couple of sets of plastic hills from Kallistra which, at only £9.50 for a set of three, I thought was pretty good value. I reckon they'll work well alongside my existing desert escarpments in the Back of Beyond and Old West. They're hard plastic vac forms and surprisingly large so perfect to break up line of sight and for setting up ambushes.