Thursday, 10 November 2016

Red Armoured Train Complications

I had a bit of time this evening to fiddle around with the locomotive and tender for the ongoing armoured train project. I haven't finished this yet but I have made a few significant modifications.

The problem was how to attach the wheels to the locomotive but in the end I just dismantled a spare toy engine, detached the wheels, then removed the Lego side skirts from the locomotive so that they could fit underneath. I now have to add new armoured side skirts from plastic card instead and work out how to actually attach the wheels, which shouldn't be too difficult or take too long. 

However, this change in design has resulted in the locomotive and tender being a fraction lower than the wagons that I've already built, so I'll now have to add an additional 5mm plastic card strip to the bottom edge of the wagons to bring them into line. I actually think this will improve the look of the wagons by covering up the top part of the bogies so that they match the ones on the tender.

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