Thursday, 12 January 2017

'Blind' Markers for Schnellboote!

I realised that I'd need some markers for Schnell Rules for Schnellboote, as the game begins with all craft appearing as unidentified blinds, each with a corresponding dummy blind to add a bit of extra confusion. This is a simple way to replicate the difficulty of identifying what was going on when opposing coastal forces bumped into each other on moonless nights somewhere in the North Sea or English Channel.

It's a bit like blinds or 'bogeys' in Bag the Hun, which I have used many times before to simulate the 'fog of war' for scenarios. Anyway, without any other guidance to hand, I decided to make up some rectangular laminated markers for both sides, with a representative picture of an MTB or S Boat on the front and a blank reverse on which to write the identity, false or otherwise, in dry wipe pen. I think they should do the job!

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