Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Vorpostenboote and Destroyer

I've had a rummage in the coastal forces box and have dug out some re-enforcements for the Schnell Rules for Schnellboote project which I had prepared last year but didn't get round to painting. First up are two Skytrex, now Heroics and Ros, Vorpostenboote(VP) armed trawlers for the Kriegsmarine. These are the same models with a few minor variations to make them a little different visually. They will be useful as convoy escorts for the Germans and as MTB / MGB hunters.

Second, is a rather splendid Skytrex Hunt I destroyer, which will be perfect in the opposite role as convoy escort for the British. I really like this model and plan to paint it up in a rather fetching dark grey / light grey camouflage pattern. It will represent HMS Exmoor, which was sunk by a torpedo fired by S30 on the East Coast convoy route in February 1941. I'll get started as soon as I can but I've also got half a dozen coastal tramp steamers, colliers and a tanker to clean up and assemble, which may take a bit longer to get organised?

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