Sunday, 15 January 2017

Flashpoint Taiwan PLAAF Base Shades

I only had time to get the bases painted on the 1/600th scale Chinese Tumbling Dice aircraft for Flashpoint Taiwan this afternoon, having to help the sprog with his cooking homework instead. I decided to use Vallejo Pastel Blue rather than my usual Citadel Electric Blue, as I only have one very ancient bottle of the latter and I want to save it for my 1/285th Bag The Hun planes.

I haven't been able to source a match for Electric Blue so the slightly grey Pastel Blue shade will have to do. I quite like it, as it's quite toned down and less vibrant than the usual sky blue shades. All  I now need to do is add the decals and spray varnish the models, then I'll move on to the coastal warfare merchant shipping, while I wait for the other aircraft to arrive from Dom's Decals. I'm still really not happy with the canopies but...they'll just have to do!

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