Thursday, 12 January 2017

Schnellrules for Schnellboote!

One of my renewed projects for 2017 is WW2 coastal warfare, which I've been meaning to get around to for a long time. A couple of years ago I painted a couple of opposing RN and Kriegsmarine forces for this, using 1/600th scale models by Skytrex and Tumbling Dice. I'm now in the intial stages of adding some coastal merchant ships and larger warships for the British, ready for a game next month at the club. 

I've decided to use David Manley's free quick play rules Schnell Rules for Schnellboote!, as they are ideal for the low complexity, easy to use and fast action style multiplayer games that I'm hoping to introduce at the club. I have updated my copy to what I think is the latest version (2.3) and have also designed a rather spiffy front cover for my print out.

To make life straightforward and record keeping down to a minimum, I've also word processed up some record sheets for the Kreigsmarine, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy, which can be printed off and laminated for use with dry wipe markers. I have made these fairly generic, aside from an ensign in the top right hand corner, but have yet to try them out so may have to edit them a bit later on.

I'm looking forward to re-booting this long overdue project in February, once I've finished the aircraft for Target Locked-On!


  1. Looks good Jim. Question - have you ever come across top down type coastal ship counters?

  2. Hi Randy,

    Tiny Tin Troops have some on the drawing board. There's also the old MTB game from TTG that included some basic top down counters. It wouldn't be difficult to make some from scratch?

  3. Hi Jim. Would you mind sharing the word docs for these record sheets? I am setting up a coast game and these would be really useful. Cheers!