Friday, 13 January 2017

Flashpoint Taiwan PLAAF Progress

Aside from all the coastal warfare resources I've been churning out, I've made some in-roads on the 1/600th scale Tumbling Dice PLAAF Cold War era aircraft for Target Locked-On! including a Foundry Chainmail basecoat, followed by the canopies in Vallejo Andrea Blue with a Deep Sky Blue highlight. I had already tried using the same approach for this that I use on 1/285th scale aircraft but it was far too muted and looked rubbish, so I went for a much brighter colour contrast.

I also black lined the panels with a 0.05'' fine liner pen, which was a bit hit and miss but far easier than using a brush! They look good enough from arms length and so I'll crack on and add the decals tomorrow before painting the bases and adding a few finishing touches. I probably won't bother black lining the canopies as it's just too fiddly in this scale. I'm now waiting for the F104 Starfighters and Taiwanese decals to arrive from Dom's Decals before I tackle the other half of the project.

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