Tuesday, 13 September 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [4]

I decided to modify one of the militia technicals this evening by removing the portee AT gun, which looked a bit silly and replacing it with a katyusha rocket launcher rack.

I bought three of these at Attack! so I thought it would be a shame not to use the larger version in a  truck mounted configuration. I'm not sure what it will be in the AK47 rules, perhaps the equivalent of a tank gun or mortar, but it looks pretty cool either way.

I've also basecoated and drybrushed the HMG armed jeeps, then given them a good overall wash in the usual gunge. These will be tackled tomorrow once the wash has dried off.

Finally, I added a couple of additional small arms bases to the professionals and an extra recoilless rifle base, as they looked a little underpowered now that the helmet wearing regulars have been retired.

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