Friday, 16 September 2011

AK47 Tanks and TV's

After an exceptionally tedious and tiring week, I was very pleased to find a neat but weighty parcel waiting for me on the doorstep today, in the form of a delivery from Peter Pig. I now have two SU100's, a T34/85 and some stowage to deck them with. I also have a TV crew, some of which I think I'll use to decorate the army commander's base, once I find a figure for the big man himself.

I have been a bit behind this week with the AK47 painting, mainly due to work and the inevitable backlog of bureaucratic things to get shifted. I'm hoping that the weekend will give me the opportunity to catch up a bit. If I can, I'll assemble the extra armour and perhaps the 1/100 scale Tamiya Il28 Beagle plastic kit that I have on the workbench, as well as finishing the heavy weaopns teams and jeeps.

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