Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Extra Impetus 3

Some of the chaps at the club were playing a 15mm Ancients game using Impetus yesterday and I had a brief chat with them about the rules. I have little experience of this sort of thing although I used to play WRG 6th edition many, many years ago when I was at university. Since then I've been a little less conventional in my choice of rules and periods, so that conventional gaming in the WRG / DBA style has very much passed me by.

I do have a well proportioned box of 15mm Peter Pig Wars of the Roses figures that would be a great starting point for Impetus, as I have more than enough for one if not two armies. As a result, I've ordered a copy of Extra Impetus 3 which includes the WOTR lists and a campaign system, to see if I can work something out as a project for next year.

At £15 it was expensive for a flimsy paperback but I haven't been able to find a copy cheaper anywhere, despite trawling ebay and various wargame suppliers. I hope it'll be worth it and, at the very least, give me something to do with the nice Peter Pig medievals. If not, I've got a box of very old enamel painted Essex 15mm Picts that I can bring back to life from the 1980's (if I can find them that is?)

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