Friday, 30 September 2011

Impetus Picts [2]

I had a play around with some basing options for the Picts this evening after cutting a couple of 80mm x 40mm bases out of plastic card. I thought about buying a load of MDF bases from ERM but, in the spirit of keeping things as cheap as possible, I opted for the homemade equivalent.

As you can see, the FL spearmen will be grouped in sixes or sevens with plenty of rocks and rubble interspersed to fill up the gaps. I'd put a couple of extra figures on each base if I had them but, as this will be an army for practice purposes only, I don't think it matters too much.

I quite like the spacing anyway, as it's quite 'skirmishy'. The figures I used are the unwashed and unvarnished loose ones that had fallen off the original cards. They've now been washed and are awaiting a spray varnish once the temperature drops a bit. The figures still stuck on the old WRG 6th edition bases have been washed and sprayed already.

This means that I'll be able to crack on with the re-basing tomorrow, given a suitable window of opportunity. I'm thinking of texturing and painting the bases then adding the figures afterwards but I'll porbably just base everything up and then do the rest once the figures are in place.

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