Sunday, 18 September 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [6]

I managed to finish the Ilyushin 28 today although it nearly ended up in the bin after a fairly dodgy experiment with maskol and green spray paint. I didn't like the initial bare metal finish that I originally opted for so sploshed on some maskol then oversprayed with Humbrol Matt Olive Green.

After scraping off the maskol it looked a like a pigs breakfast, so I decided to add an overlayer of stippled Foundry Phlegm Green and Chestnut Shade, followed by the undersurfaces in old Citadel Horizon Blue. After this, I picked out the glazing in Foundry Sky Blue, which was a bit fiddly to say the least, then mucked about with the bomb bay in various ways to complete the overall effect.

The triangle decals were hand cut from some spare red decal sheet and the numbers came from an old MiG 19 kit that I have in the plastic pile. It's not what I intended to produce at the outset but I think it looks suitably army surplus and weather worn for AK47?


  1. Very good. I must sort out my AK stuff!

  2. oh thx. i m trying to assembly this kit .