Monday, 16 April 2012

Back of Beyond Bridges

It's the Back of Beyond campaign big finale multiplayer game tomorrow up at the club. I was supposed to have finished my armoured train and built some railway tracks for it by now but real life has caught up with me over the last few weeks and it's all gone a bit pear shaped in the scratchbuilding workshop.

In a last ditch attempt to bring something a bit different to the game, which is a scenario pitting the Bolshevik defenders of Kashgar against a multinational force of oil prospectors, dinosaur hunters and desert explorers, I've knocked together a couple of bridges out of scrap balsa wood and PVA.

These will span a gully that runs across the table in front of the Bolshevik defences, thereby adding a bit of a challenge to the opposition, especially as they have a lot of vehicles. They're not great but they'll do the job.


  1. I think they look more than respectable Sir! If I could knock up pieces of terrain to that quality and in that time I would be a very happy man.