Thursday, 26 April 2012

Normandy Firefight British Extra Bits

This was a originally supposed to be a low cost, use up what I've already got, make do and mend type project but it seems to have bulged into something all together more sinister. However, I am now calling a halt to my 1/35th scale plastic deluge with the final, definitive and absolutely terminal aquisition of some assorted figures for the British fireteam.

These will round off and balance out the three forces that I'm hoping to put together for Normandy Firefight. some snipers...

...and a tank..

..or a half track

..or two?

Oh dear.


  1. Its always the problem with 1.35 lots of lovely figures. I started collecting a British fire team a while ago and had a real struggle not spending a fortune.

  2. Oh brilliant! Just a small project then! Can't wait to see them painted up as the box cover art looks superb.

  3. You've got it bad! Makes me purchasing seem sane and focussed (not by much though!)