Sunday, 8 April 2012

Beyond Band of Brothers

I finished reading Forgotten Voices of the Falklands yesterday, which was a worthwhile read but did very little to shake my preconceptions about the conflict or the British military establishment. All a bit sad really but not something to be forgotten, despite the title of the book.

Anyway, in search of something a little more uplifting, I'm now reading Beyond Band of Brothers, which I bought on the ferry coming over. I enjoyed the TV series Band of Brothers, although I'm not a fan of the Steven Ambrose approach to historical writing, prefering a more academic and less popularist approach to the subject.

However, this is a different take on the whole Band of Brothers phenomenon and so should be a little less subjective and a lot closer to the actual events themselves. It's also quite a quick read, so I should work my way through it no time at all.

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  1. The Falklands book: Just curious, what were the preconceptions that remained unshaken?