Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cogito Ergo Sum..thing or other?

I've really missed my usual wargaming activities over the holidays and, in retrospect, wish I'd taken something to prepare and/or paint over the last week or so. However, the break from painting has given me some time to reflect on my projects for the rest of 2012, which is looking like a bit of a wargaming wasteland for the next three months or so given my current work commitments.

First of all, I need to clear the 10mm Italians for the BKC campaign from the workbench, so that I can progress with the things I actually intended to do this year. I've given myself until the end of the month to knock them on the head, which I need to do anyway as the campaign will be kicking off by then either way.

When the Italians are sorted I have limited scope for anything else until the end of June due to work, so it's going to be a case of finishing off things that I've already started or that can be completed over a weekend or so. The current front runners are the 28mm figures for Warhammer Gladiator, for which I have a club opponent ready and waiting, followed by the 1/600th Bag The MiG planes that I have finally almost finished magnet basing.

After that, I'll be counting down to the Summer holidays when I'm determined to start the BIG project for 2012. I have several things in mind for this, from 1/600 WW2 coastal warfare to 15mm IABSM and on to a 28mm In the Heart of Africa Expedition or SAGA Norman warband but have yet to decide which one to opt for, given my usual attention span and propensity to jump on the nearest wargaming band wagon (I really need to stop doing that...).

On the plus side, it looks like I have a potential opponent for the long neglected PITS Dervish army, with the incentive to get them finished being some new games up at the club. It won't take me long to finish them off and, perhaps add a few extras, especially if I use the time I have in Activity Week to get the details painted in. That's if I don't get sucked into yet another new thing or shoot of in a completely pointless direction...?


  1. If thats a wasteland, I'm living in an irridiated wasteland!

  2. I know how you feel, there always seems to be so many things you want to game...

  3. Well, those units are great!...waiting the BIG project!

  4. Do Darkest Africa! Do Darkest Africa!