Sunday, 22 April 2012

Normandy Firefight Bits and Bobs

I've worked out that I have enough German infantry in standing, kneeling and prone poses to build a fireteam of four figures, one NCO with MP40, one rifleman, one rifleman with a Panzerfaust and one sniper. I may have a figure with an MG34 instead of the sniper but that depends on the whether I can convert the prone LMG figure I have into a marksman or not.

If not, I'll find a figure for the sniper elsewhere, as I need one for one of the scenarios in the rulebook. There's a rather nice Zvezda set with four snipers including one prone and one kneeling plus two spotters that I could get to fit the bill, although I'd have to convert one of the spotters into a standing figure. I'm also going to make a medic figure, which you get in some scenarios but only in kneeling and crouching position, as I don't have any prone figures left.

To kit the figures out, I have found a pack of Tamiya German weapons and equipment on Ebay for a fiver, which is about the retail price if I had to find one in a shop. This includes some panzerfaust, a sniper rifle and various other bits and bobs which might be useful to differentiate the figures and add a bit of individuality to them. When I get round to actually sticking the figures together is an entirely different matter though!?

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  1. It is all coming together nicely and a wonderful array of weaponry you will now have at your disposal!