Friday, 26 October 2012

Flames of War - Achtung!

The copy of X Wing arrived yesterday, so it'll be packed into the baggage tonight ready for the trip to Cornwall on Saturday. However, number one son wasn't especially impressed despite the enthusiasm of his younger brother, who nearly exploded with excitement and then pestered me for a game all evening. 

Anyway, in an attempt to win big brother over to something historical and wean him off his half hearted but very expensive Warhammer 40K habit, I've ordered a copy of the Achtung! Flames of War starter box set. This was on sale for £20 from Northstar, as the new FoW starter set has probably grabbed everyone's attention, leaving this less than impressive pack gathering dust on the shelves.

The boy got a good school report this week, so it's also a bit of a reward and might even spark his latent interest in history. I'm really not a fan of Flames of War, which always seems to feature bumper to bumper tanks at ludicrous proximity to one another, but it should appeal to the sprogs with it's cool artwork, colourful layout and relatively straightforward mechanics.

...worth a try anyway!


  1. You do realise you may well only be beginning another half-hearted but very expensive historical habit...?

    You could always look out for my FoW stuff on Ebay soon after last weeks reception... :)

  2. Don't's coming out of his inheritance!


    PS You should have a look at IABSM2...much better all round.