Sunday, 7 October 2012


The Oxfam bookshop turned up this very interesting hardback yesterday, which looks like a jolly good read and will make a welcome addition to the naval section of my bookshelf. I've acquired quite a few books recently but this one stands out as my the most promising title of the month. You can never have enough books for those rainy, cold and gloomy autumnal mights after all!

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  1. I'm cursed with Kindle ownership, which is a very bad thing if you've got a penchant for history books. Currently working my way through Neil Oliver's History of Ancient Britain. A bit gushing, but engaging nonetheless.

    If it has to be war history, The Chief by Gary Sheffield is very good. Redcoat by Richard Holmes is also excellent if you chance across it. Got loads of others in hardcopy format currently consigned to the loft. More recommendations if needed