Wednesday, 24 October 2012

X Wing

With the half term holidays on the immediate horizon , I thought it would be fun to bring a boardgame or two to Cornwall, just in case the weather socks in. As this is an absolute certainty rather than a  likelihood, I decided to splash out on a copy of Fantasy Flight Games X Wing, rather than drag out my much loved and overly pampered Wings of War collection.

As the boys have been soaked in old school Star Wars since conception and have now been exposed to the whole Clone Wars thing, they should find it a bit of a blast. I have no idea how the system works but it looks like a lot of fun for minimal outlay, by today's inflated standards at least.

I'm really looking forward to a few swiftly paced and desperate dogfights between my rebel X Wing and the evil Imperial boys in their collective Tie Fighters, assuming the box arrives from Amazon by the end of the week that is?


  1. Well I hope it arrives on time. Funny you should bring it up, but if you're happy with Wings of War, you'll be perfectly at home with X-Wing.

    X-Wing isn't a space combat game; it's a George Lucas style, WW2 dogfight in space game. In fact, I reckon you could combine the X-Wing rules and the Wings of War planes and get an even better game!

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about it from the guys at my local store. It's supposed to be much like Wings of War, with enough changes to keep them out of trouble.

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  4. All reviews I've read are jolly good, but I'm taken aback with the price: 40€ the starter set and 15€ each additional spaceship. I'll give me sometime till Christmas to think it over

  5. If I may, a couple things about the price: i) Lucasarts take 25% (or 20% depending on who you listen to) of anything with "Star Wars" on it, so the price point reflects this extra trade cost. ii) The price also includes a LOT of tokens and cards. The variation they provide give the game much of it's replayability. Again, I think the price reflects that.

    I'd love the box set and expansions to be a bit cheaper, but I'm happy paying what I paid to get a great game.

  6. That's it, I'm definitely putting this on the Christmas list.