Monday, 8 October 2012

Submarine Safari Bargain's behind you.!
I was in the local branch of The Entertainer yesterday on the hunt for birthday presents, when I spotted some bargain bucket toy dinosaurs in the pocket money shelving. They're the usual two part bendy plastic variety but actually quite well animated and nicely detailed models, if you can live with the joint line between the body and the tail. A bit of greenstuff and job's a good 'un.

Anyway, for a quid they're excellent value and perfect for populating a bit of Lost World jungle, especially as many of them are the 'right' size for 28mm. I picked out a rather nice plesiosaur for Submarine Safari and would have bought more if it hadn't been the only one in the pile. I guess I'll need to find another shop if I want to collect a full shoal (?) of the things..

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  1. That is great....very 'The Land that Time forgot.....'