Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bag the Hun North Africa [18]

I had some time this afternoon to get the Hurricanes a bit further forward, so painted the canopy framing and the spinner hubs in dilute Foundry Charcoal Black, followed by the gun patches in GW Blood Red, toned down with Vallejo Dark Red. I then oversprayed the whole lot in Army Painter matt varnish, in order to tone them down and see what they look like without the shine.

I'm not very happy with the canopies but will learn to live with them, as I haven't got the time or energy to go back and repaint them again. The gun patches also look a bit garish but at least they'll scare the pants off  the Italians. Next up will be the decals but I also need to paint up the Blenheims before the weekend, so it'll be a rush to get them finished in time.

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