Sunday, 14 October 2012

Iron Cow CDSU Task Force

The extra CDSU packs that I ordered in the Brigade Models 6mm sale arrived yesterday and I've been sorting them into units for my projected East African campaign. I have a company of tanks, a company of infantry in APC's, a battery of rocket launchers and SPG's, with a couple of AAA missile carriers in support, together with half a dozen HQ command APC's. It's not a lot in game terms but should be a potent enough force for a few try out games with the Iron Cow rules.

These are now in the painitng queue but, if I follow the quick spray and wash method that I used on the British battlegroup, they won't take long to complete, whenever I get round to them. I've also had an idea to base the infantry, using the Renedra plastic bases wih countersunk holes as before, but with some of the new Citadel texture paint to blend them in. It might work but I'll have to do some experimentation on some test bases before I tackle the infantry en masse.

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