Monday, 16 September 2013

Bag The Hun Soviets [3]

The Bring and Buy at Colours yesterday turned up a fantastic deal on a selection of Scotia Collectair, H&R and Leading Edge aircraft. I splashed out forty quid in the process but got a great deal, so I'm very happy with the new additions to the leadpile. I don't usually bother with the Bring and Buy but this time, I'm glad I did for a change.

I ended up with ten Scotia Tu-2 light bombers, six Scotia DB3 medium bombers, three Scotia Il4 medium bombers and three massive Scotia Pe-8 heavy bombers for the Soviet VVS. I also bundled in nine Leading Edge Me109G6, eight Scotia He162 Volksjagers and four Heroics and Ros CR42's, which will be added to the late war Luftwaffe and Malta Italians respectively. 

I could easily have added more to the haul, as there were numerous packs of Leading Edge German aircraft and some really nice Scotia Soviet planes on offer, but I decided to call a halt in the name of decency. This lot would put me back at least sixty quid, not including postage, so a bit of a result to say the least. Anyway, they'll help to add some serious punch to my mid/late war Soviet air forces.


  1. But, but, but... Jim, what about your Bag the Hun Burma project???

  2. Oh yes...don't panic! will return.

  3. Slightly annoyed with myself for not looking at the bring and buy now.....good find.