Monday, 9 September 2013

Ronin Rulebook

I got my copy of the Ronin rulebook through the post today, having given up waiting for the Kindle version to be released. I must say that, aside from the poor CGI cover art, the book is very impressive in layout and illustrations, with loads of inspirational artwork from the Osprey back catalogue and some stunning miniatures in full display.

The rules themselves look pretty straightforward and the various factions remind me a lot of the Legends of the Old West approach to skirmish gaming, with a core of high quality characters backed up by lots of hangers on and a few swords for hire. There are some noticeable differences, however, as the author is quite clearly well grounded in his knowledge of he period, giving the rules a more historical feel.

I haven't had a chance to read through the rule mechansims yet, so won't comment on them at the moment, bit I'm feeling pretty confident that they'll produce a good skirmish / roleplay level of game using no more than a handful of figures. I have just such a handful, in fact enough to create two small factions once I get my act together and dig them out of the leadpile.

A lot of potential here with a minimal outlay in time and effort...good stuff!   

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