Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mission Creep

This is me...Gove off stage right

You may have noticed how things have been a bit quiet around here over the last few days...

...this is due to an unfortunate but temporary influx of work-related *&^% that has been absorbing what little time I have for wargame related pursuits.

However, there is a twinkling of light at the end of the tunnel, with a resumption of something approaching normality in a week or so. A big step in the right direction will be a trip to Colours at the weekend, during which I'm planning to get some stuff for the nascent Ronin project, with a particular focus on terrain and buildings.

If I can find a good deal, I may pick up some of the Sarissa Precision Japanese buildings, which look very impressive even in their unpainted format. I'm also sorely tempted by the Perry 28mm range, which would provide all of the figures I could possibly need for the project, at the expense of my lovely old school Foundry collection.

...oh dear.

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