Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mexican Dips

I located the Mexican posse after work this afternoon and have dusted off the tin of Army Painter strong shade dip, ready for my first experiment with the dipping technique. The figures have always lacked a certain something and are a bit on the bland side, so I'm hoping the dip will work it's magic and give them some much needed definition. The test model will be the first for a dunking but I'll try brushing it on, before I bite the full immersion baptism bullet.


  1. These fellas look very nice. BTW, I always brush on my washes.

    Looking forward to seeing your next batch of ruffians.

  2. Good tip...I've gone for the brush approach too...far less messy!

  3. He Gringos you wanna try them out some time senior?

    I'll put it on again when you want to put them onto the table. They'll be good as Desperados...