Sunday, 15 September 2013

Colours 2013

We went to Colours this afternoon, which turned out to be a very good time to go, as it was far less busy than usual and far less smelly. 

There were some impressive games on show including a 15mm Eastern Front set up, which looked superb, and a 54mm Napoleonic game with hundreds of beautifully painted figures. I also had a chat with the SELWG guys who were running a Viking skirmish game on a very neat bit of purpose made terrain. The rules are Valhalla and are currently being play-tested, I suspect for publication by Osprey or somesuch.

The wallet took a bit of a hit today as well but I did get a gobsmacking WW2 air warfare bargain on the bring and buy, which I'll post about later on. I didn't find any Sarissa Precision samurai building kits but I did get a Northstar 28mm Sohei bundai from Dave Thomas, backed up with an EM4 ninja and unarmoured samurai as hired swords (although not for the monks). I also found the I-94 decals that I was after for the Soviet planes.

A jolly good day out!


  1. There's more about Valhalla at

  2. I agree about the event being a lot less smelly this year! I was at Colours this afternoon too. The food prices seem to be less than last year I thought, typical as I took my own this year as I refused to pay so much last year.

    The games were great again and very inspirational.

  3. Looks a lot of fun. And the "things" painted and placed on the war tables are very nice!

  4. I am very pleased to hear that smell is less. I live very only a forty minute drive from Newbury but since rediscovering my joy in painting little lead people, I have only been to Colours once. I had to leave the event due to the dreadful smell of the badly maintained air conditioning system. It made me feel sick. I've not been back since.