Friday, 20 September 2013

Foundry Buntai



Ninja, Warrior Monk, Shugyosha or Ronin
The thing that initially sparked my interest in the Osprey Ronin rules in the first place, was my collection of vintage Foundry Samurai figures, some of the most atmospheric sculpts that I've yet to see and a blast from the past that I haven't been able to put aside even after thirty years or so.

They may not be the most accurate or even the most anatomically correct figures but, for me, they capture the essence of the period and have that inspirational quality that just makes you want to pick up a brush and get cracking. So, in a rare quiet moment this evening, I unpacked the box of figures that I've been hoarding for years and began organising them into factions. 

First up are the scruffy looking Bandits, led by a flamboyant leader with yumi and katana. He's backed up by a motley collection of katana and naginata toting thugs, together with a gashira armed with a very useful yumi. A wandering ronin may also be added to the buntai, to give a bit of backbone to an otherwise relatively flimsy force, as I have a couple of figures that would fit in well.

Second, we have a formidable but smaller Koryu buntai, built around the katana as it's principal weapon. This is a small force of six figures, so I may need to look for some additional 'Swords for Hire' in order to bulk it out. It is, however, quite a powerful force, as I'll boost it with attributes and make most of the figures rank three or higher, including a powerful twin katana wielding sensei.

To use up the remaining classic figures, I have a trio of 'Swords for Hire' including a naginata armed shugyoshi or ronin, a rather portly warrior monk with tetsubo and a lethal ninja with katana. These aren't all available to the Bandit and Koryu buntai but are lovely figures, so cry out to be painted up, even if they'll stay in the reserves box.

..I really can't wait to paint these up but it will have to be after I've finished the Bolt Action project, amongst other impending things on the workbench.

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