Friday, 18 April 2014

1/3000 French Aircraft from Shapeways

As I would like to have model planes rather than counters for my French Aeronavale carrier wing, I've been searching for some suitable 1/3000 or 1/2400 scale models with little success. I finally decided to compromise and use the generic Davco models, as they're tiny anyway so wouldn't look out of place, even when inspected at close range.

However, a tip off from a fellow gamer at the club has led me in the direction of Shapeways, which has a lot of 1/3000 scale stuff if you're prepared to do a bit of sifting. The end result of my search is a very comprehensive set of French, British and US aircraft covering pretty much everything I could possibly need for both my Royal Navy and French fleets:

I've only used Shapeways once before and with limited success, as the models I ordered failed to print correctly. This time I'm hoping for a better result, especially as I've forked out just over £20, some of which I can probably recoup by selling on the spare USN planes to the relevant players in the VaS campaign.

With plenty of aircraft to deploy, I might now invest in a projected Joffre class carrier to augment my rather feeble carrier component, which consists of the less than up to date Bearn. The campaign umpire is happy for us to use anything that may have been afloat before 1945, so a modern-ish aircraft carrier wouldn't be too far to stretch, although only 25% complete in 1940!

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